07th SEPTEMBER 2014 // LIVE @ MEDELINS ROCK The Shell Collector + Design Live at Medelin's Rock Viale XX Settembre nr 9 Medelana, Emilia Romagna IT Inizio concerto ore 22
 iLiveKm0 - 3rd Episode - Special DESIGN


(Turn off the) Sun

Straight at you

Sugar Kane (Sonic Youth cover)

Guilty Pleasures

ILiveKm0 - DESIGN LIVE available on YouTube
Our show and our interview @iLiveKm0 is available at http://youtu.be/GtoqcBeTdXk Enjoy
DATE: 08/07/2014

THANKSGIVING!!!!! Today we are officially started to record our second album, with Mr. Enrico Tiberi @ Lullaby Recording Studio. Today Bob will record the drums in our b ...

DATE: 04/07/2014